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Frontier Safety Shoes Since 1960 


Established in the 1960's, Frontier Safety Footwear initially started as a hand-made shoe manufacturer by the name of Chung Hing Shoe Store. Through years of experience, innovation and producing high quality footwear, the company slowly upgraded themselves into a highly productive machine-oriented shoe manufacturing company. By 1990, in view of the Malaysian Government turning our country into an industrialized nation, our company saw a great opportunity in the area of safety footwear. The company diversified itself into a manufacturer of safety footwear and thus Frontier Safety Footwear started to meet the demands and opportunities of our country's ever-growing industrial sector. 

Despite the rapid growth in demand for our products, quality is our utmost priority. With that in mind, automated machineries were introduced to our company to meet the increasing demand while also ensuring the quality of our products. Our production facilities are constantly monitored and upgraded in order to maintain the highest quality of our range of products. Our highly skilled workers are provided with the necessary training on a regular basis in order to keep themselves equipped with the latest safety footwear standards and technology. 


As of today, Frontier Safety Footwear is a pioneer in the area of safety shoe manufacturing. Besides manufacturing our own range of safety footwear, we are also involved in manufacturing for other OEM branded safety footwear. With our established team of professional marketing personnel and stringent Quality control production personnel, the company is confident that it is able to continuously provide top quality services and products to our customers.